How to Rate Your SEO.

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    This post will help you know if your SEO is top notch or bottom barrel.  Are you getting your money’s worth?  If the SEO folks are doing the right things on the technical side, your SEO should:
  1. Turn searchers into visitors
  2. Turn visitors into customers

If your SEO is in the beginning stage, you should:

  • See better numbers in your monthly ranking report.
  • See more visitors displayed in your Google Analytics or other website tracking software.

Sometimes, ranking for popular keywords can take time – even if the SEO is good.  If this is true in your case, your SEO specialists should provide the following:

  • A sensible explanation for the current ranking
  • Their clear plan to improve the ranking
  • The approximate outcome of the plan (with a rough time-frame)

When the specialists reach higher ranking, the new ranking should be associated with new revenue.  (This shows that the keywords were selected well, and landing pages crafted well.) If you have achieved high ranking, the benefits of SEO should include:

  • More Clients.
  • A Better Bottom Line.

Do you hear the funky sound of new mail or the ring of the phone?  Can you hear the ding of the cash register?  Do you see a sharp rise in your bottom line?  You will hear it in the store.  You will see it in the bank.   Real SEO brings results, not rhetoric.

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  1. Hello!
    I’m a Realtor here in Louisville and would be interested in learning more about your SEO services/price plans/etc.

    It’d be great to schedule a time to meet and chat over coffee, preferably with one of your SEO experts rather than a sales person. Thanks!

    Comment by Tre Pryor — May 14, 2010 @ 10:52 am

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