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How Search Engine Optimization Resembles Fishing.

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization.  The term refers to the science of ranking high on the search engines for your target search terms.  It’s almost an “art form” if you ask me.  Google and the other engines can be pretty mysterious when they want to be.  But then, one day, the thought came to me – The best way to explain SEO to a newbie is to explain it as a fishing trip.  So, that’s what I’ve decided to do today.  If you want to remember what SEO is all about, just remember these three words: Pool, Rod, Bait. Pool. When you’re going fishing, you first have to pick your fishing spot.  You don’t want to fish in just any pool, or creek, or ocean.  There are specific fish you’re after.  You want to know where they are swimming before you drive out of your way and throw out your bait.  So, you ask around at the pro-bass shop, you check out the forums and phone your pals.  Where’s the best spot to get these fish?The same is true with  SEO.  When you’re going to market yourself on the search engines, you want to first know what your target audience is searching for.  You don’t just want to rank for any term or phrase.  There are specific terms that your target audience is searching for.  You want your site to be shown in the results for those popular searches.  So, you brainstorm and you check out Google’s average search volume data.  What are right keywords for my business? Rod. After you’ve decided where you’re headed, you then drive down to the spot and carry your stuff to the shore.  You get all your gear in place and ready for action.  You load your bait on the rod and cast it into the water.  After the prep, your hook and bait are right in the sight of your fish.The same is true with  SEO.  Once you’ve decided your target keywords, you then optimize your website to get it ranked higher forthose target terms.  It takes some time to get all the backlinks and all the content tweaked, the meta tweaked, the title tweaked, your mother-in-law tweaked.  After a few months, people searching for your keywords see your website near the top of the search engine results.   Bait.  After some time of fishing in the water, you begin to try new types of bait.  Based on experience and a little improv, you find just the thing that makes the fish bite down on the hook.  All you need to do then, is reel in the line.  Your bag of fish begins to expand.The same is true with  SEO.  After you have solid rankings for your target keywords, you can track what gets first time visitors “to convert” into customers.  With experience and a little improv, you try different feels for your webpage, different wordings for the sales copy, different images for illustrations, different buttons and words for your call-to-action.  You try these things out until you hit the sweet spot when visitors are consistently choosing your company, when visitors are consistently entering their information and clicking “submit”.  All you need to do then is open your inbox and watch as your business begins to expand. SEO is all about fishing for the right pool of search terms, casting your webpage high for those terms and enticing visitors to bite on your bait.  Once you’ve done all of those things, the return of your investment starts to pile up.

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