Online shopping has become mainstream. In 2008, more than 85% of the world's online population has used the internet to make a purchase. Is your marketing strategy effectively tapping into the ocean of online shoppers?

Here's the Data on E-commerce

An e-commerce website is an online store. In a matter of moments, the client can choose the products they want, enter credit card or other purchasing information, and click "checkout" from the convenience of home. Today, online shoppers seek websites full of quality and innovation. 

For research findings, see The Case for E-commerce Web Design.

The Benefit of Automation

Automation can reduce the need for manual labor--allowing more strategic, powerful investments. E-commerce solutions can automate such processes as payment and shipping.

Key Ingredients in E-commerce

To dominate today's market, e-commerce sites should be:

  1. Secure
    The financial and personal information should not be susceptible to theft. When customers feel insecure, their shopping carts are empty, and their wallets are closed.
  2. Stable
    Site glitches alarm customers, sending them to other vendors. When the site is free from awkward errors and long delays, customers begin to place more trust in your website and more money at the checkout.
  3. Savvy
    The retailer should employ innovative features, such as video product tutorials, alternate views, zoom, color change and more. When a website visitor sees the product in action, the customer is more likely to purchase. (For research findings, see The Case for Video Website Development.)
  4. Social
    The customer should enter an interactive, personalized environment. Customers tend to remain when they feel like part of a community.

To read research findings in support of the above points, see The Case for E-commerce Web Design.

About Our Approach

Our in-house team meets with you to review your objectives and craft an overall marketing strategy--with your website as the core, revenue engine. After creating a strategy, we work together to:

  1. Design the website's color, contour, and function.
  2. Produce or customize an automated, secure e-commerce management system.
  3. Monitor our proximity to the objectives via Analytics software.

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