Website Walkout Videos

Visitors come to your website looking for answers. If they don't see what they need in a scan of your site, they will bounce off and away. Opportunity lost.

Walkout videos allow you to engage visitors and create customers. 

Why a Walkout?

A website walkout video is a video of someone stepping out and on top of a website's design. A website visitor will enter a normal website. After a few seconds, a person will walk onto the website's interface and present a message. Moments later, the person vanishes. These videos can help captivate attention and call the visitor to action.

Key Ingredients in a Walkout Video

An effective walkout video will have the following:

  • Clear Purpose.
  • Few Words.
  • Engaging Speaker.
  • Simple Response.

About our Approach

We guide you in the presentation of your message:

  1. Pinpoint strategic places in your website's navigation.
  2. Refine the message's wording.
  3. Suggest professional actors.
  4. Capture and polish the video.
  5. Coordinate the video with the suggested response.

About Our Results

Examine the results in the Client Testimonials and Portfolio.

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