Video Website Development


Video helps captivate, educate, and initiate - turning your website into a 24/7 sales person and cash register.

What is Video Website Development?

It's the intentional integration of video in a website's design. Take this website for an example. Main services are introduced with video and 3D animation. We believe that these videos engage customers and facilitate higher response rates.

See research findings in The Case for Video Website Development.

Strategic Purposes of Online Video

To net results, a website's video should:

  1. Capture attention.
  2. Educate desire.
  3. Channel action.

See examples in Portfolio.

Our Approach to Video Website Development

We integrate video to turn visitors into customers:

  • Identify strategic opportunities.
  • Produce the video's recording and animation.
  • Integrate the video with the call to action.
  • Monitor the results.

See results in Client Testimonials.

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