Media Duplication

Multiply Your Message for the Masses

Media Duplication is the large-scale replication of a digital medium (such as a CD or DVD). The original is copied. After packaging, the dozens or thousands of copies may be presented to the target audience. Duplication can help spread your message at a lower cost.

About Our Approach

Allowing a seamless process from start to finish, our in-house talent helps you:

  1. Produce the original in digital form
  2. Replicate a multitude of copies
  3. Brand the copies with your image
  4. Market the material to the masses

The Benefits of Our Approach

One source is simple. Simple is beautiful:

Time is not lost in transition from one provider to another provider, allowing the single time estimate to be short and true.

Efficiency saves more than time.

The design in mind is not lost in transfer from one provider to another.  Furthermore, the seamless process is performed by world-class video production, graphic design, and integrated marketing.

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