Video Commercials


Millions spend hours up hours with the TV screen, absorbing entertainment and advertisements. When your message appears on the "tube", you are able to enter their living room and display your brand's strength. Your brand grows in positive perception, and in profitability. See research findings in The Case for Traditional TV Commercials and in The Case for Online Video Commercials.

You Oughtta Be On TV

Whether aired on traditional TV or online TV, commercials are video promotions of a brand or message. Commercials can range in length from thirty-second blurbs to lengthy product tutorials. When targeted at an audience, these promotions can spark awareness, interest, and purchases.

View the research data:

Our Approach to Video Ads

Our in-house team helps you:

  1. Pinpoint your demographic.
  2. Integrate the commerical in the overall marketing strategy.
  3. Envision the commercial.
  4. Produce the commercial.
  5. Place the commercial.
  6. Monitor the results.

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