3D Animation is used everywhere: In movies, games, and television. With it, virtual worlds are created where the impossible becomes reality.

But what if you want this technology to be incorporated into your marketing strategy? Well, you can contact a distant, large corporation and empty your company's bank account to get a 30 second commercial. Or you can pick a local company to do the job, and they'll send you back a commercial of such poor quality, you cringe every time you see it. 

Or you can call Media Marketers.  Check our 3D portfolio against any local company. There is no comparison. So why should there be any deliberation? We've got the talent and the equipment to incorporate 3D Graphics straight into your marketing budget.

A very common way to do this is green screen.  We'll film you or a presenter in front of green screen, then transport them to a different location.  Thorntons Beer Cave TV is a good example of this, the actor was filmed in front of green screen and then transported into the beer cave, saving Thorntons the hassle of closing off their beer cave for a video shoot, and saving us from the 34 degree temperature inside!

Your products  can be recreated in the computer and illustrated in pristine quality and sharpness, from an unlimited number of angles.  

Our talents even go as far as world recreation, or bringing your company's mascot to life!

So give us a call and see how we can supercharge your marketing strategy today!

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