Usability / Accessibility

When we design your website, we ensure it is fine-tuned for easy usage and access. Navigation paths are designed to streamline user experience toward key content and calls to action. Also, your website becomes accessible for everyone--including the visually impaired and those on mobile devices.

Ease of Use

Keeping your vision in mind, we view the website through the eyes of your target audience.  We make sure there is a concise, clear path to the answers to their questions and your calls to action. This seamless simplicity fosters satisfaction and cultivates revenue.

Access for Everyone

Due to convenience or challenge, people try to access websites through unique devices.  We make your website friendly to users with:

  • Screen readers
  • Old browsers
  • Mobile devices

Learn more about Mobile Websites. Built-in compatibility can foster traffic, frequency, and profit. For research findings, see The Case for Mobile Websites

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