Get Your Strategy in Gear

When you use our team to create your internet strategy, we'll pair your vision with a plan to transform your marketing efforts into an interactive, profitable machine. We believe you start with an internet strategy as your hub. All other media "gears" connect to it, building a stronger marketing strategy.

Internet Strategy

Your internet strategy is a blueprint to turn your marketing into a machine - with the internet as the core engine. In today's world, multiple media work together to inform, entertain, and persuade. When you set your internet efforts as the hub, all other media becomes an axis for interactive marketing.

For research findings, see The Case for Integrated Marketing.

The Essential Ingredients

An effective internet strategy guides the consumer at each stage of involvement. The strategy will tell you how to get your target audience to:

  1. Find your website.
  2. Embrace your message.
  3. Advocate your brand.
  4. Remain involved.

The Steps to Our Process

Starting with your current strategy, we envision what is possible and craft a plan. After implementing the shared strategy, we analyze your results.

Below are the steps to the process:

  • Consulting, Scoping, Brainstorming.
  • We meet with you to learn what you do for your target audience and what your marketing should be doing for you. Then, we scope out the details to reach the desired results. Finally, we brainstorm new ideas to enhance your online presence.
    Learn More about Consulting.
  • Information Design.
  • You review a preview of the upcoming marketing material. Our team delivers detailed technical specifications, website navigation, or other description. If the project can be plotted on a flow chart, you will receive a flow chart.
    Learn More about Information Design.
  • Usability / Accessibility.
  • The website is fine-tuned for efficient usage and access. Navigation paths are designed to streamline the user experience toward key content and calls-to-action. Plus, your website becomes accessible for everyone - including the visually impaired. We can also develop a mobile site that is targeted for a specific mobile device. For research on the benefits, see The Case for Mobile Websites.
  • Learn More about Usability.
  • Analytics and Revenue over Investment (ROI)
    We compare the data with your goals. Web analytics software monitors the results of your campaign. With an eye on the results for individual techniques, we hone your marketing for efficient success. For research findings, see The Case for Analytics.
  • Learn More about Analytics.

The Results of Our Process

An integrated marketing strategy produces:

  • More leads
  • More sales
  • More engagement
  • Less waste

View the unique experiences of transformed businesses in the Client Testimonials and our Portfolio.

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