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Nowadays, when you let your "fingers do the walking", it's on a keyboard rather than through a thick yellow book. Online local directories received over 17 billion searches in 2007. Unlike the old method, these local websites rank businesses in order of perceived relevance and importance. When your target demographic searches for your help, do they find you or your competitor?

How Does Local Search Work?

Let's look at an example. In Google, the search "Web Design Louisville" brings up a map with the top web design firms in Louisville Kentucky. Whenever a potential client searches for that keyword, we rank number 1. We'd love to help you rank on the top for your local search terms.

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The Steps in Our Process

Our in-house team helps you to:

  1. Select the keywords.
  2. Choose the directories.
  3. Implement the techniques.
  4. Monitor the results.
  5. Measure the success.

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