Interactive Campaigns

Dancing elves. That's what your website needs. Or, to be more precise, you need the wave of new visitors due to an intentional, interactive marketing campaign. The elves are optional.

What is a Viral Campaign?

It is marketing designed to spark a movement. Creative ideas can often spark a groundswell of interest in your website. As a wave of new visitors flock to interact with your games or videos, new visitors gain awareness of your brand and interest in your products or services. When done correctly, a viral campaign can be very powerful. 

Check out the research findings in The Case for Viral Marketing.

Our Approach to Viral Campaigns

Our team tailors our in-house talent to spread the word about your brand throughout the networks of your target audience. We help you:

  1. Envision the campaign.
  2. Integrate the campaign in the overall marketing strategy.
  3. Produce the campaign.
  4. Monitor success.

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