E-Mail Marketing

For most consumers, the inbox has replaced the mailbox as the preferred avenue for business communication. Our process delivers the full power of permission-based e-mail marketing; empowering your business to generate new sales from old friends.

The Outlook on E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing is the sending of promotional material through electronic mail. The messages can promote the website with targeted coupons, product videos, company alerts, newsletters or other information. These friendly, useful messages keep you connected to your audience. E-mail marketing is viewed by many as the most effective--and budget-friendly--tool for customer retention.

For research data, see The Case for E-mail Marketing.

Four Core Components

There are several core values in e-mail marketing at Media Marketers, Inc. We believe that these are key to generating results for your campaign.

When people agree to receive your e-mails, they are more likely to open and respond to them. Our experience suggests that the most effective marketing is permission marketing. We can help you cultivate a list of opt-in recipients and avoid the "spammer" label.

Because there is spam, some "sent" messages are never received. Because clients will only respond to received messages, it is important to use clean servers (not ones on a blacklist). We have developed a custom e-mail marketing system to help you get your message out. We use only our own systems to ensure your e-mail messages get the highest delivery rates possible.

When a recipient opens your e-mail, the e-mail should engage your client immediately. The message should offer useful, important information in an appealing, interesting format. Feel free to incorporate audio, video, and 3D animation. These elements offer your clients a richer experience and increase your brand's desirability.

You should know when your recipient opens your e-mail, and clicks on a link. This information allows you to see your success rate and enhance your strategy. Our system enables you to track your recipients' response to your campaign.

About Our Approach

We view your e-mail in the context of an overall marketing strategy--integrating distinct techniques to maximize your results.

First, our e-mail solutions give you the freedom to grow your subscribers and pinpoint your audience:

  • Invite subscribers online.
  • Import and export subscribers.
  • Sort subscribers into custom categories.
  • Unsubscribe invalid addresses automatically.

Also, you gain the tools to captivate and convert your readers:

  • Personalize messages.
  • Create custom templates
  • Integrate crisp graphics and video.
  • Craft relevant landing pages.

Finally, our solutions speed your success:

  • Send campaigns simultaneously.
  • Track campaigns simultaneously.

To examine our results, listen to our clients or view our portfolio.

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