Fill in the blanks:

"Have you driven a ______ lately?" (Ford)

"___: We bring good things to life." (GE)

"Nobody doesn't like _____." (Sara Lee)

Many Americans associate fast food with McDonald's. Do members of your target audience associate their need with you?

Branding 101

Branding is the method of creating a top-of-mind awareness of your name in your customers' minds. In order to find your brand, the customer must remember your brand; that's why marketing should be intentional in exposing customers to your name, logo, and message. Moreover, the exposure should foster desire for your brand (not only memory of your brand). Positive branding is powerful, influencing shopper preferences and user satisfaction.

Our Approach to Branding

After crafting your logo, we are intentional about burning your image into the customers' wants and needs. We want them to want your brand at a glance.

Here are two components in achieving this goal:

  • Consistency
    All company materials expose customers to the same vibrant image. This repetition builds credibility and memory.
  • Captivation
    The ads make this same logo eye-catching. Like the sunrise in the Obama campaign commercials, our marketing material presents your image as part of your message.

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