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When was the last movie you saw that didn't have some sort of Computer Generated Wizardry in it?  3D Animation is used everywhere: In movies, games, and television. With it, virtual worlds are created where the impossible becomes reality.

And we're not just talking fire-breathing dragons and strange alien creatures.  3D Animation can have a very real presence in your marketing strategy.  Your products  can be recreated in the computer and illustrated in pristine quality and sharpness, from an unlimited number of angles.  Film a talented presenter on a green screen and transport him or her wherever you wish.  Or, if you're feeling adventurous, bring your company's mascot to life!

With 3D Animation, you have to realize way the medium works, so you can maximize the potential.  At first, there's an investment to be made, because we have to build what you want inside the computer.  But once it's built, we can "render" it out to video, advertisements, or whatever else you need, very easily, quickly and cheaply.  It's like constructing an office building, at first you have to wait for it to be built, but once completed, you can use it for many years.   

But there is such a thing as bad 3D.  We've all seen those local commercials that just drip with cheese.  But check out Media Marketer's portfolio to see what good 3D can look like.  There is no comparison with other local companies, or commercials.

So give us a call and see how we can supercharge your marketing strategy today!

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